The Unicorn

unicorn_cigarIf you’ve ever seen Westminster Morris dancing you’ll no doubt have spotted our Unicorn which accompanies the team wherever we go. The Westminster Unicorn, which along with the portcullis on our yellow and black costume makes part of the City of Westminster coat of arms, is the last surviving unicorn in captivity. He survives purely by eating money which he gladly munches from any crowd member who is kind enough to keep him alive.

The Unicorn was discovered in Epping Forest, East London, in about 1953 by one of the Westminster dancers of the time, Bill Atkin. By the Thaxted Ring Meeting in June 1954 the Unicorn was a staple member of the team, performing characteristic head-high kicks, following unsuspecting people on bicycles, and – his favourite trick – cuddling members of the audience. If you see the team dancing, please do feed the Unicorn; we don’t want the species dying out completely.

airborne_unicorn1961 unicorn_bottle