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2nd June 2021 and we’re allowed out.

After too long of a break, we’re finally able to dust off the bells and squeeze our lockdown bodies into our dancing kit.

Wednesday 2nd June we will be dancing at

  • The Somers Town Coffee House (it’s a pub) 60 Chalton Street, NW1 1HS 7:30
  • The Square Tavern 26 Tolmers Square, NW1 2PE 8:15
  • The Prince of Wales Feathers 8 Warren Street, London, W1T 5LD 9:00

Please note that all times are BMT (British Morris Time) which is BST plus or minus a few minutes – largely governed by who has to just nip to the loo or who has just gone to get a round in.

If you need any more information then please contact Richard, our bagman (secretary), at:

June 26th 2021 – Not a day of dance but it’ll do

Westminster Morris have been holding our Day of Dance celebration in May for over 60 years now, and then bloody Covid came along and buggered it all up. We spent 2020 and a good part of 2021 on zoom meetings, trying to dance to music which was even more behind the beat than usual. It was not fun. Finally, we’re allowed to venture out and this is what we’ll be up to.

All times quoted are BMT (British Morris Time = BST plus or minus an unspecified amount of time depending on unspecified things such as, pubs)

Here’s the list of where we’ll be from our lovely Squire, who is being even more vague than usual.

  • 11:00 The Red Lion Crown Passage, SW1Y 6PP
    • Crown Passage is a narrow alley off Pall Mall at the Western end, opposite Marlborough Road. The nearest tube is Green Park.
  • 12:00 Waterloo Place – the top of the steps from the Duke of York Column overlooking St. James Park
    • SW1Y 5AG might help you
  • 12:45 A pub, whose name or street Roger can’t remember – either that or somewhere else for lunch.
    • So, if you don’t see us in that pub, look somewhere else
  • 13:45 St Martin’s in the field.
    • There’s a  nice terrace near to the posh entrance.
  • 14:30 The Ship and Shovell
    • 1-3 Craven passage Wc2N 5PH
  • 15:30 Adelaide Street
    • WC2N 4HZ – on the pedestrianised bit, near the Subway food substitute place.
  • 16:00 Finishing at The Harp
    • Anyone still able to stand will be here
    • WC2N 4HS
    • Either that or The Wellington (Next to the Lyceum)
      • WC2R 0HS

Come on down – we’d love to see you…. if you can find us!