2018 Practice starts

The practice season is upon us again, and we’re looking for new recruits. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced morris dancer or a musician, we’d be very pleased for you to join us at our practices.

Our next practice is on Wednesday the 19th of September, and we shall be meeting every Wednesday from 8pm to 10pm (morris time) from now until Christmas. We meet at Napier Hall, Hide Place, SW1P 4NJ, and would be very glad of your company for some hopping up and down related exercise.

Please come by and say hello if you are interested in trying out some morris dancing for the first time, or if you already dance with another side and fancy morris dancing on another night of the week as well.

If you need any more information then please contact Richard, our bagman (secretary), at: newbagman@westminstermorris.org

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